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A doctoral thesis is a scientific work, according to the results of which the applicant is awarded or is not awarded the degree of Doctor of Science. Usually, a doctoral dissertation is based on a PhD thesis, supplemented and improved (with a truly scientific approach to writing, the direction of research is set by the master’s degree, and subsequent works simply help to delve into the topic). When preparing doctoral theses, their abstracts are developed. They represent a brief summary of the main provisions and conclusions to which the author arrived. Abstracts of doctoral dissertation are very important: without them, applicants are not allowed to defend.

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Writing a doctorate is difficult. Its text should ideally combine 3 components: theoretical, practical and methodological. In this case, all requirements for content and design should be fully complied with. That is why a considerable period of 1.5 years is given for the dissertation. In practice, writing usually takes much more time, because Doctoral dissertations are evaluated most strictly, and the authors are forced to “grind” their papers to an ideal state. Unfortunately, not everyone can find enough time to engage in research, family affairs and a career at the same time. Also, some people need dissertations in order to get the right to occupy certain positions, i.e. We are not talking about a scientific career. In such cases, many make the logical decision to buy a doctoral thesis from professionals, rather than writing it themselves.

Dissertation writing services (USA): subtleties and nuances

The main thing when ordering a thesis is not to get caught in the network of scammers selling “fake” works. A gullible client who turns to unscrupulous performers risks getting either plagiarism or air for their money! Situations where the authors take a prepayment and disappear arise all the time. Unlike similar one-day firms, our company helps clients successfully defend dissertations. Each scientific work made by our authors is written in good conscience and is strictly unique, since undergoes a complex multi-level plagiarism and compliance test. A formal agreement is concluded with each client, according to which our company undertakes to ensure the quality, timeliness and confidentiality of the dissertation. In addition, the client receives the assistance of our authors until the moment of protection, i.e. any changes, improvements and additions are made absolutely free. It is very easy to order a dissertation from us – just leave a request on the site, and our managers will immediately contact you to clarify all the necessary details.